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Hey Guys! 


Check out my video explaining the River Stick and how it operates. Take a look and learn how the River Stick can help you while kayak fishing.

Hi Guys!


Take a peek at this awesome review from Jeff Little on the River Stick. Watch how Jeff uses the River Stick against the Current. We had a blast!


Thanks Jeff!





Hi Fellow Kayakers!


This is a great video featuring Chad Foster and how he uses the River Stick to fish holes on the River.


Thanks Chad!




Hi Everyone!


Take a look at this video of Jim Dutt using the River Stick on the Susquehanna River on a windy day.


Glad you like it Jim!




Hi Guys!


Check out this close up video of Steve Sisto showing the River Stick in action and how it takes waves


Great Stuff Steve!




Hi Everyone!


Take a look at this video from the PA Fish and Boat Commission going over kayaking safety habits and fishing techniques all while showing off the River Stick!


Thanks Chad!!




Hi Everyone!


Look at this video Stephen sent me of him anchoring two kayaks in place using just one River Stick.


Thanks Stephen!



Hey Guys,


My buddy Jeff Little makes some great videos. During this video he gives everyone a look at how my River Stick can help you anchor your kayak and fish the holes you really want! 


Thanks Jeff! Great Video!


Hi Everyone!


I am so excited to announce that Delaware Paddlesports is now selling The River Stick. Check out this Video they made reviewing The River Stick.


Thank you Delaware Paddlesports!



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