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Stephen Sisto, 32

I've been using the River Stick since 2014 and it has been a staple to my kayaking experience. From leisurely floats to tournament fishing, having the ability to quickly deploy an anchor system while fighting a fish has helped me land more fish. While utilizing the rear anchor, I perfected a way to fish upstream during river tournaments that gave me the opportunity to win AOY two years in a row. The River Stick is a necessity for the every day angler to the competitive tournament fisherman!

dave otte.jpg

Orlando Neal, 

I got into kayak fishing because I was diagnosed with diabetes and wanted a healthier and meaningful life. After I started my kayak fishing adventures it changed my life. I have fished from boats to land. To me, there's nothing more extreme and adventurous than kayak fishing. Whether I am standing and casting or push polling along the saltwater flats The Bernie's River Stick is the best kayak anchoring system I have ever used. It keeps me locked into place and the pole is strong enough to enjoy a relaxing morning of push polling across those salty flats. 

The Big O

Dave Otte

I moved to Pensacola, FL in 2016 and decided to try inshore fishing from a kayak. I quickly discovered that it was quite different that freshwater fishing I was used to. I fished for a year and didn't put 1 fish in the kayak. I was ready to give up but I was lead to the Salt Strong family and soon learned what to do differently. In 2019 I earned the Angler of the Year award from the Pensacola Speckled Trout Fishing Club. The River Stick has been a game changer for me. I no longer have to try to get my anchor pin to stick in the bottom where it will stand up without falling over. I use the River Stick to efficiently fish an area. I can fish for a while, then move and anchor quietly to cover a different area. The River Stick allows me to spend more time fishing and less time anchoring; I get more casts completed now, which means getting my bait in front of more fish. I'm catching more fish and having more fun with the River Stick!

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