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Bernie's River Stick 


I have long been in the market for a better than average anchor system for my 12ft Native Titan 12. I started out with a rope and grapnel anchor, moved from that to a stake out pole and now I have finally found what I needed.  I considered a power pole but know myself all too well.  I'd forget to charge batteries and would be left with just a stake out pole once again.  The $1000 dollar price tag also was a hindering factor.  Fast forward to the fall of 2020 and I met Bernie of Bernie's River Stick.  A few short conversations later and winter set in aka kayak maintenance season.  I dropped my kayak off and Bernie went to work.  The next morning I got the call that it was ready to go and the excitement was almost too much.  Bernie took the time to walk me through all the specs and I was on my way to the lake.  Now we have the backstory. Let's get to the review.

This is a GAME CHANGER.  I am a shallow water angler from florida who loves to flip and pitch and the River Stick is perfect.  My first day using the River Stick my eyes were opened.  I'm able to spot a fish, get the wind behind and ease the pole down gently and quietly.  The River stick gives me the ability to position my boat in an area that gives me the best opportunity to catch fish.  Most recently I have used the River Stick while fishing open water.  The area I was fishing the nose of the kayak needed to be in the wind and the fish wanted the bait moving with the wind and waves.  I was able to use my pedal drive to position myself and fish. Once I got a bite I could drop the river stick and fight the fish.  Once the fish was landed and picture taken I was able to use my gps and since I had not floated off my position could get right back on the fish.


I can say without a shadow of a doubt the River Stick has been one of if not the best investment i have made in kayak fishing. The River Stick is a high quality hand made product.  I feel with the River Stick on the back I have my best chance at success.  Thank you Bernie for a fantastic product at a great price point.  Try one out for yourself and see if it doesn't change how you fish.


Brandon Hewlett

I love it! I now have one on both of my kayaks and wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you for the awesome product. 

If you are serious about fishing you need one of these. I have only had it out one time but it just blows me away how well this system works. There is nothing better than being held in the same place effortlessly while watching the boats around you fight the wind while you stay in place. You will not be disappointed in investing in this system and the owner who makes these is amazing to deal with.


                                          --- Vincent K.

I've been using my river stick for a few weeks now, and it didn't take long for this to become my #1 accessory. One of the most frustrating aspects of kayak fishing for me was maintaining my position in wind and current. Since I mainly fish rivers, I get quite a bit of each of those on every trip. After my river stick was installed (which took about 3 minutes to install on my coosa hd), wind and current have become non factors. I can now paddle into current, drop the stick, and then go to work. Since the rod isn't actually attached to the kayak, my boat can freely move up and down as the water flow changes and the rod always remains in the ground. This allows me to stand and fish in heavy current, and the deck feels as stable as a dock. Anyway - this product has been a game changer for me and I highly recommend it.


                                                                                                --- Jerry R.

Finally got to put my river stick to the test this past Saturday. Fished the Upper Potomac in rising water and rain. Needless to say, it worked flawlessly. Took some getting used to at first, but WOW what an awesome product. I was able to camp out and pick spots apart that I would usually have to repeatedly paddle back up to. To top it off, Bernie is a top notch dude and really easy to work with. Thanks Bernie for creating the River Stick brother!


                                                                                        --- Joshua Evans Fishing








I've been using my river stick in the susquehanna since November '14 and has worked great in every situation. I'm in the Harrisburg, PA area so if anyone wants to try it out PM me.


                                                                 ---Stephen Sisto











Bernie's River Stick is simply amazing! No battery needed and each is handcrafted to fit your yak. The cost is affordable. Installation only takes a couple minutes and once you are on the water it's simple to use. It's a must own for serious kayak anglers!


                  ---Chad F.










Well the River Stick is awesome, but don't let the name fool you. It is as useful on a lake as it is on the river. I had mine out with me yesterday while fishing a lake and it worked perfectly. I was able to hold position so I could fish rocky points as well as grass flats.


               ---Kevin C.











After using the river stick for the first time I love it . Works in rocky river bottoms and will hold a kayak in moving water . When your done just pull the pole up and move on too the next hole . Bernie installed the river stick on my big tuna and did a professional job really looks good.


                                                              ---Donny H.










Great person, even better product! Easy install and works great!


             ---Mylo M.










Had a great day on the Delaware River today for Heroes on the water! Hardly had a chance to fish with people asking about the River Stick! They were floating by as I was stationary in the current! This is one awesome product that I can't imagine not having on my kayak!


                                                                      --- Don I.

Loved having my River Stick on the Canadian shoals this week!


       --- Jerry R.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to fish the Kayak Angler of Central PA tournament on the Susqy at Marysville. I finished 9th place out of 32 registered anglers. Thank you Bernie Stewart and Bernie's River Stick Shop for installing the River in time for this tournament. Without it I would not have been able to position myself to catch these fish. The time and effort you put into this anchoring system is unmatched.


                                                                                            ---Patrick S.

Great testimate to the river stick Sunday. I was standing up in the kayak, floating and casting. Sure enough got a hit, trying to reel in the fish and current picked up, floating backwards into a shoot and quickly deployed the river stick. I was able to land this nice smallmouth and not end up in a bad situation!


                                                                        ---Don I.

I got a chance to try the river stick this past weekend and was very impressed with how simple and effective it was. Installation was very quick and easy and the unit itself is very light so it does not add much additional weight to my overall kayak. The only thing I would note is that the pole itself is made out of fiberglass. This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone. I had a chance to speak with Bernie personally and he is more than happy to assist you with anything you need.


                                                  ---Andrew H.

Love my River Stick... Worked like a charm on the middle allegheny today!


                                  --- Chad F.

The river stick is a must have for anyone that fishes moving water. The simple installation combined with the build quality makes the river stick a five star product. Often imitated never duplicated the River Stick is truly the last stick you'll ever need.


                                ---Dennis N.

Finally got an opportunity to use my new River Stick by Bernie Stewart. Man this thing is legit. Only took 10 minutes to install and performs flawlessly on the water. I used it in pretty heavy current and it held me without issue and let me fish the spots I wanted without floating downstream. If your looking for a great anchor option without spending a fortune look into the River Stick!


                                               ---Dennis N.

Been using it for 3 months now. Awesome product that works as advertised! Using the River Stick is fast, easy, and gives me more time to fish. Also, the customer service that Bernie provides is outstanding just like his product! I use it regularly on the Susquehanna River (very rocky) and it has never failed me.


                                                                --- Gary F.

I've had the River Stick for a few months now. I'm hard on my fishing gear so I wanted to wait till I put this product through the paces before I did a review. I've used it on two of the most demanding rivers around, the Susquehanna and the New River, and it performed flawlessly no matter what I threw at it. I fish soft plastics a lot and being stationary is important for me to be able to focus on my presentations. The River Stick has become a valuable tool in helping me accomplish that whether I'm on a river or a lake. I believe this product is superior to the competitions. It's all mechanical so no worries about electrical failures or battery needed, much lighter in weight, and about a 1/3 of the price. Bernie hand crafts these to fit any kayak on the market. He is a great guy to work with and being a kayak angler himself he builds each River Stick with the goal of exceeding your expectations. Goal accomplished, thank you for a great product Bernie.


                                                         ---Billy D.

I went out on my one yak without the river stick and it was torture not having the river stick on it. Having it on my predator it totally changed my days in the water....more fish caught! Oh yea Bernie is a great guy, especially his attention to detail!


                                                             ---Don I.

After using my river stick on the susqy and potomac, I beleive this is the best anchoring system out there for kayaks.


                                                  ---Patrick S.

Awesome product made by an awesome person! I will have one for the Coosa HD in addition to the one I have on the Predator XL! I used the Riverstick a bunch this year and it preformed flawlessly all year!


                                    ---Chad F.

Bernie I love the river stick. The fit and finish are fantastic and it fit my kayak perfectly. Installation was easy. I fish a lot of creeks and it worked perfect. One thing that pleasantly surprised me was that even if your in water too deep to anchor, you can drop the river stick and it slows you down. It acts like a giant skeg and really helps in the wind. It's definitely the best thing I have bought for my kayak. And the customer service is top notch. Thanks again.


                                  ---Trey J.

The River Stick is a difference maker for sure. I can't imagine ever fishing another tournament without it.Plus, Bernie Stewart is a cool ass dude and super easy to work with. His attention to detail and product are second to none on my opinion.


                                                ---Joshua E.

This project is amazing. It's so easy but so affective. It's like Bernie reinvented the wheel


                    ---Mike G.

Doing a little fishing this morning. Trying out my River Stick and I absolutely love it!


                   --- Kerstin R.

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