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Hi Everyone,


Thank you for taking the time to check things out. For those of you who would like to know some information about the "River Stick", I have included a brief summary of how the River Stick came to be and why I believe my product will truly change your fishing experience.


The "River Stick" is an anchoring system that weighs a total of 6lbs which I invented in early 2014 and (have since fully Patented).  This is designed to keep my kayak in-place while fishing and at a lower cost. My motto has always been, "Catch the fish, not the fisherman's pocket!" Once I made it, I gave a few to some of my fishing buddies and they loved it.


Installing the "River Stick" is as easy as 1, 2, 3! That's the beauty of the "River Stick" is the simplicity of installing and operating it. 


The best and most important feature of the "River Stick" is the way it handles a wave or swell. When a boat goes by or you want to anchor in some fast moving water, the shaft attached to your kayak will ride up the fiberglass rod, allowing the "River Stick" to stay anchored to the river bed, keeping you in place.


The pricey mechanical systems do not operate like this when a wave comes by. Everything lifts including the rod which dislodges from the bottom of the river bed and moves you downstream, losing your spot. The "River Stick" does not have anything mechanical that may fail while fishing.


Let me help you change your kayak fishing experience. Contact me today to get yours!





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